Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching


Set contains:

  • Three interchangeable left breasts
  • Three interchangeable right breasts showing cancer and the “orange peel effect”, giant sarcoma and normal breast tissue
  • Demonstration of chronic mastitis, benign growth and psoriatic cancer
  • Realistic softness, texture and appearance
  • Breasts are attached to the upper torso of an adult female; they can be easily removed and reassembled
  • The trainer can be used in a vertical or fold-out position
  • Carrying bag and user manual included


Product information: Breast palpation simulator for clinical teaching

The new breast palpation simulator for clinical teaching combines cutting-edge materials to create a realistic look, feel and texture, as well as realistic softness and durability. The simulator contains a combination of left and right breasts, including underarm areas, with different masses that have clear textures that are useful in recognizing normal and abnormal conditions. This simulator is an excellent training platform on which you can demonstrate breast examination techniques. The six interchangeable palpation simulator breasts cover a variety of pathologies for breast examination training. The range of malignant and benign tumors includes both the mammary and axillary regions.
Catalogue: PDF
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