Brookfield Viscometer GDJ-1D

Features :

  1. The brookfield viscometer adopts advanced mechanical design technology and manufacturing process, using micro-computer technology to control speed, collect data and process data. Accurate data acquisition, high sensitivity, reliable test results, easy to use, and good looking.
  2. Display selection of white backlight, high brightness LCD display, can directly display the viscosity of the sample, the number of the rotor, speed and other information, data display clear.
  3. The test data can show on the screen real time and also output by printer. In addition, the instrument can also connect with PC via RS232 communication port.
  4. Choose different models can have different ranges, for measuring different samples.

Specifications :

  • GDJ-1D
  • Measurement range:  100 mPa•s~2*106 mPa.s (If you select the No.30 spindle, the measurement range can be extended to 4×105 mPa.s)
  • Rotor Specifications:  No.21, 27, 28 and 29 total 4 pieces of spindles (the No.30 spindle is optional)
  • Rotor speed:  (5, 10, 20, 50)r/min
  • Measurement error:  ±1% (F•S); (If you select the No.30 spindle, it will be ±3% (F.S)
  • Temperature control range:  45 ℃~200℃
  • Temperature control accuracy:  ±0.1℃
  • Sample cylinder:  20 ml
  • Print output:  Needle printer
  • Communication with the PC:  RS232 interface
  • Power supply:  AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
  • Ambient temperature:  5 ℃~35℃ (when the controlling temperature is close to ambient temperature, please run the air conditioner to let the ambient temperature be 5 ℃ lower than the controlling temperature)
  • Relative humidity:  ≤80%

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