Carton Compression Testing Machine DRK123

Features :

1. The system adopts microcomputer control, with an eight-inch touch screen operation panel, and adopts a high-speed ARM processor, which has a high degree of automation, fast data collection, automatic measurement, intelligent judgment, and the test process is automatically completed;
2. Provide 3 kinds of test methods: maximum crushing force; stacking; pressure up to standard;
3. The screen dynamically displays the sample number, sample deformation, real-time pressure, and initial pressure;
4. Open structure design, double screw, double guide column, with a reducer to drive the belt drive to decelerate, good parallelism, good stability, strong rigidity and long service life;
5. Using servo motor control, high precision, low noise, high speed and other advantages; accurate positioning of the instrument, fast speed response, saving test time and improving test efficiency;
6. Using 24-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1/10,000,000) and high-precision weighing sensor to ensure the rapidity and accuracy of instrument force data collection;
7. Intelligent configuration such as limit travel protection, overload protection, and fault prompts to ensure the safety of the user’s operation. Equipped with a micro-printer to facilitate data printing and output;
8. Can be connected to computer software, with real-time display of compression curve function and data analysis management, storage, printing and other functions;

Specifications :

index parameter
Range 20 KN, 50 KN (optional)
Precision Level 1
Force resolution 1 N
Deformation resolution 0.1 mm
Platen characteristics Parallelism of upper and lower pressure plates: ≤1mm
Test speed 1-300 mm/min (infinitely variable speed)
Experimental return speed (1–300) mm/min (infinitely variable speed)
journey 1500mm
Sample space 1200mmx1200mmx1500mm
power supply AC 220V 50 Hz
Dimensions 1560mmx1200mmx1950mm

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