Chlorophyll Sensor RK500-17

Features :

IP68 protection, water depth within 20 meters.
Built-in temperature sensor.
Support RS-485.
Modbus/RTU protocol.
Convenient, fast.
Stable and easy to maintain.

Specifications :

Item Specification
Range 0~400ug/L  
Temperature range 0-50℃  
Accuracy ±3%,±0.5℃  
Resolution 0.1 ug/L,0.1℃  
Power 12-24VDC  
Power consumption <0.5W  
Output RS485(Modbus-RTU)  
Main material POM  
Protection class IP68  
Deepest depth 20m underwater  
Cable length 5 m(default), customizable  

Catalog : PDF


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