CO2 Incubator DRK654

Features :

1. Faster recovery speed of CO2 concentration :
The perfect combination of high-precision infrared CO2 sensor and microcomputer controller realizes the function of rapid recovery of CO2 concentration to the set state. Recover the set CO2 concentration to 5% within 5 minutes of potassium. Even when multiple people share a CO2 incubator and frequently open and close the door, the CO2 concentration in the box can be kept stable and uniform.

2. UV sterilization system :
The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is located on the back wall of the box, which can disinfect the inside of the box regularly, which can effectively kill the circulating air and the floating bacteria in the humidifying pan water vapor in the box, thereby effectively preventing pollution during cell culture.

3. Microbial high efficiency filter :
The CO2 air inlet is equipped with a high-efficiency microbial filter. The filtration efficiency is as high as 99.99% for particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 um, effectively filtering bacteria and dust particles in the CO2 gas.

4. Door temperature heating system :
The door of the CO2 incubator can heat the inner glass door, which can effectively prevent condensation water from the glass door and prevent the possibility of microbial contamination caused by the condensation water of the glass door.

5. Automatic control of circulating fan speed :
The speed of the circulating fan is automatically controlled to avoid sample volatilization due to excessive air volume during the test.

6. Humanized design :
It can be stacked (two floors) to make full use of the laboratory space. The large LCD screen above the outer door can display temperature, CO2 concentration value, and relative humidity value. Menu-type operation interface is easy to understand and easy to observe and use. .

7. Safety function :
1) Independent temperature limit alarm system, sound and light alarm to remind the operator to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents (optional)
2) Low or high temperature and over temperature alarm
3) The CO2 concentration is too high or high or low alarm
4) Alarm when the door is opened for too long
5) Working status of UV sterilization

8. Data recording and fault diagnosis display :
All data can be downloaded to the computer through the RS485 port and saved. When a fault occurs, the data can be retrieved and diagnosed from the computer in time.

9. Microcomputer controller :
The large-screen LCD display adopts microcomputer PID control and can simultaneously display temperature, CO2 concentration, relative humidity and operation, fault prompts, and easy-to-understand menu operation for easy observation and use.

10. Wireless communication alarm system :
If the equipment user is not on site, when the equipment fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends it to the mobile phone of the designated recipient via SMS to ensure that the fault is eliminated in time and the test is resumed to avoid accidental losses.

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Specifications :

Model Technical Index DRK654A DRK654B DRK654C
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Input Power 500W 750W 900W
Heating Method Air jacket type microcomputer PID control
Temperature Control Range RT+5-55℃
Working Temperature +5~30℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0 1℃
CO2 Control Range 0~20%V/V
CO2 Control Accuracy ±0 1% (infrared sensor)
CO2 Recovery Time (Return to 5% after opening the door within 30 seconds) ≤ 3 minutes
Temperature Recovery (Return to 3 7℃ after 30 seconds after opening the door) ≤ 8 minutes
Relative Humidity Natural evaporation>95% (can be equipped with relative humidity digital display)
Volume 80L 155L 233L
Liner size (mm) W×D×H 400*400*500 530*480*610 600*580*670
Dimensions (mm) W×D×H 590*660*790 670*740*900 720*790*700
Carrying Bracket (standard) 2 pieces 3 pieces
UV Lamp Sterilization Have

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