Coagulation Analyzer

Model: TS 4000

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  • Prothrombin time(PT)
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time(APPT)
  • Fibrinogen(FIB)
  • Thrombin time(TT)
  • Coagulation factors(FII;FV;FVII;FIX;FX;FXI;FXII)
  • Protein S(PS)
  • Protein C(PC)
  • Heparin(HMW&LMW)


Operation Characters 

Specimen: Plasma; Serum
Temperature: 37°C
Testing time: 3-999 second
CV%: <3%

No interference from abnormal sample (optically dense samples such as lipemic or icteric);
No interference from air bubbles produced during sample handling.




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