GBPI Testing Instruments

Coefficient of Friction Tester GM-4

Features :

· Stable performance、test result accurate、simplicity of operation,matching control software,can print the slide motion curve and the experiment report.
· Professional appearance design,the core components are the imported parts with higher precision,longer life、performance is more perfect,stepless speed regulation.

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Coefficient measurement range 0.01~0.999
Resolution ±2%
Force range 0 ~ 10N
Slide motion speed Commonspeed 100mm/min(can infinitely variable speeds)
Sample thickness ≤2mm
Slide size 63×63mm
Slide weight 200±2g
Work Surface size 200mm×470mm
Display status LCD
Power 1000W

Catalog : PDF


GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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