Compacted Bituminous Mixtures Density Tester GD-0705

Features :

  • The instrument is a multi-purpose machine, and it can meet the requirement of the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011 “Highway Engineering Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures Test Code” and calculate the density and relative density according to surface drying method, water weight method, wax sealing method and volumetric method.
  • The instrument adopts microcomputer to controll the temperature of water bath, and the operation is convenient, easy and reliable.
  • The electronic control box of the instrument adopts the detachable structure, and it can realize the circuit connection of the electric controlling box and water bath controlling temperature, water tank liquid level control and water bath circulatory stirring by the aviation plug and socket.
  • The instrument adopts high accuracy electric balance, and it has wide measuring range, high measuring accuracy. The work is stable and reliable.
  • The overflow water tank adopts stainless steel material. It is durable and clean conveniently. It can refill and stabilize water level automatically, convenient to operate.
  • The instrument adopts electric lifting structure, and the motor adopts handspike motor. Stable operation and lower noise .It can reduce labor intensity effectively.
  • The working table adopts natural marble material. It provides a stable bench for electric balance.

Specifications :

  • GD-0705.
  • Effective volume of the water bath:  83L.
  • The power of the refrigeration compressor:  1/4 P.
  • Power of heating element:  1.3kw.
  • Flow rate of circulation water pump:  10L/min.
  • Electric balance.
  • Max.weight:  15kg.
  • Reciprocal sensibility:  0.1kg.
  • Water bath controlling temperature accuracy:  (25+0.5)℃.
  • Power supply:  AC(220V+10%)V, 50Hz.
  • Maximum power consumption:  ≤1600w.
  • Dimension:  930mm*750mm*1150mm.

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