Compression Tester PC DRK113E

Features :

1. Modern design concept of electromechanical integration, computer control, compact structure, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.
2. The instrument adopts a fixed upper pressure plate and a high-precision weighing sensor to ensure the rapidity and accuracy of the instrument force data collection; the measurement accuracy is high.
3. It adopts computer control and computer software, has real-time display of compression curve function and data analysis management, storage, printing and other functions, high degree of automation, fast data collection, fully automatic. measurement, intelligent judgment function, safe and reliable, and powerful The data processing function can directly obtain the statistical results of various data, and can automatically reset, convenient operation, easy adjustment, and stable performance.
4. Can display pressure and deformation, real-time display anti-pressure, deformation and other information.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Power Supply C220V±10% 2A 50Hz;
Indication Error ±1%;
Indicating Value Variability <1%;
Resolution: 0.1N;
Measuring Range (5 ~ 5000) N;
Platen Parallelism ≤ 0.05 mm
Work Plan (1~70)mm
Test Speed (12.5 ± 2.5) mm/min
Diameter of round pressure plate 135mm
HMI Windows Interface
Printout Inkjet Printers
Working Environment Indoor temperature (20 ± 10) °C; relative humidity <85%

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