Continuous Flow Analyzer For Sulfide CFA1902

Features :

  • Fast sample analysis, 40-120 samples per hour.
  • Highly efficient in-line reaction flow path.
  • Excellent precision and stability.
  • Large diameter quartz reaction mixing ring, with good passability and chemical inertness, not easy to clog.

Specifications :

Continuous Flow Analyzer for Sulfide CFA1902

Detector Dual beam colourimeter
Autosampler 100 Vials
Light source LED light
Sample Volumn 5ml
Detection range From ppb to ppm
Data Interface RS232
Peristaltic pumps 16 channels
Injection Needle Single or dual needle simultaneous injection
Linearity Range/(mg/L) 0.01-2.0
Detection Limit ≤0.005mg/L
Precision ≤1
Environment Temperature 15-35℃
Power Supply AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Tesing Method Methylene Blue Spectrophotometric Method

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