Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment WS1801

Features :

  • Split bottle retention function: The instrument can realize 1 to 25 bottles of sample separation, and the number of sample bottles can be set freely.
  • Sampling functions: Timed sampling, time isometric, flow isometric, flow tracking, external control sampling, serial control and other sampling triggering methods can be achieved.
  • Sample supply function: Uninterrupted mixed water samples can be supplied simultaneously to multiple online monitors for COD, ammonia nitrogen and heavy metals.
  • Sample Retention Function: Over-sampling, simultaneous sampling, direct sampling and serial controlled sampling can be achieved.

Specifications :

Product Name Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment Automatic Water Quality Sampler
Sampling Interval 1min~999min
Storage Temperature of Water Sample 0°C-4°C
Airtightness of Piping Systems ≤-0.07MPa
Qty of Sample Bottles 25 Bottles
Single Retention Volume 10ml-1000ml
Average Power 75W
Retention Volume Error ±7%(200ml) Insulation
Operating Voltage AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Analogue Interface 4mA~20mA/O.5V-2.5V

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