Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator for Coulometric Titration GD-3200

Features :

1) The Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator determines the moisture content by calculating the amount of electricity generated by anode electrolysis of iodine. Under the condition of reliable instrument quality, it can measure moisture content very accurately.
2) When detecting the trace amounts of water, the electrolysis speed can meet the requirements, and often a sample can be detected in ten to several tens of seconds, and the detection efficiency is extremely high.
3) Compared with the volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator, the coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator does not require a precise titration system, no transmission structure and high-precision measurement system, and the possible instrument failures are greatly reduced.

Specifications :

  • GD-3200
  • GOLD

1.The electrolytic current: 400mA maximum
2.Measuring range: 3 – 9999.9 ug
3.Karl Fisher Titrator resolution ratio: 0.1  ug
4.Accuracy: 3mcg water ±20%   10mcg water±10%   100mcg water±1%  more than 100mcg ±0.5% (sample introduction error is not included)
5.Display: 7 inch high definition true color touch screen (1024*600)
6.Printing: wide line thermal printing
7.Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz±5%
8.Power: 100W
9.Environment temperature: 0 – 50℃
10.Environment humidity: ≤85%
11.Volume: 390×270×220
12.Weight: 6kg

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