Differential Pressure Helium Leak Detector VH90B

Features :

  • Modular Integrated design.
  • Automatic evacuation pressure and time setting, high leak detection efficiency.
  • It is suitable for direct pressure and flow rate leakage detection methods, and compatible with the use of single and multi-station requirements, to achieve one device to detect multiple products.
  • Wireless remote-control function (optional).

Specifications :

Main Models Parameters
Differential Pressure Sensor Display Precision The value can be set to 0 to 4 decimal places
Sensor Range 0Pa~ +2000Pa
Sensor Error +0.1%F.S
Display Precision The value can be set to 0 to 4 decimal places
Direct Pressure Sensor Recommended Test Pressure Range VH90B Mechanical

Pressure Regulating

-100kPa~ -1kPa
CH050 Mechanical

Pressure Regulating

5kPa~ 100kPa
CH600 Electronic
Pressure Regulation
5kPa~ 89kPa
CH600D Electronic
Pressure Regulation
5kPa~ 490kPa
CH1000 Mechanical
Pressure Regulating
50kPa~ 1200kPa
CH1000D Electronic
Pressure Regulation
50kPa~ 890kPa
CH4000 Mechanical Pressure Regulating 50kPa~4000kPa
CH500 Mechanical
Pressure Regulating
10kPa~500kPa (seals leak detector)
ZF500 Mechanical
Pressure Regulating
ZF2500 Mechanical
Pressure Regulating
ZF600 Mechanical
Pressure Regulating
ZF2400 Mechanical
Pressure Regulating
Sensor Error +0.1%F.S.
Display Unit Test Pressure kPa,MPa,kg/cm2,psi,mbar. bar,Torr. mmH,0,mmHg
Leakage Rate Pa,kPa,Pa/s,Pa.m3/s,mL/s,mL/min,mL/h. L ./min. L /h. SCCM
Parameter Program Number 64 groups (1~64)
Test Beat Setting 0 ~ 999 seconds, test time 1800 seconds
Power Supply AC 220V+10%,50Hz
Test Pressure Source Clean, dry, adequate flow, not less than 500KPa and 100KPa above the test pressure source
Overall Dimensions Standard V5 330mmx222mmx448mm
Standard V6 321mmx205mmx460mm
Modular 160mmx268mmx273mm
Weight About 20kgs

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