Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC300C

Features :

  1. Industrial level 7-inch touch screen, display information rich.
  2. New base line, higher precision.Indirect conduction mode is adopted in heating, which has high uniformity and stability, and reduces pulse radiation, which is better than traditional heating mode.
  3. USB communication interface, strong versatility, reliable communication, support self recovery connection function.
  4. Automatic switching of two-way atmosphere flow, fast switching speed and short stable time. At the same time, a protective gas input is added.
  5. The software is simple and easy to operate.

Specifications :

  • Model : DSC300C.
  • Temperature range:- 35 ℃ ~ 550 ℃ semiconductor refrigeration
  • Temperature resolution: 0.01℃
  • Temperature fluctuation:±0.01℃
  • Temperature repeatability:±0.1℃
  • Heating rate: 0.1~100℃/min
  • Cooling rate: 0.1 ~ 20 ℃ / min
  • Constant temperature time: program setting ≤ 24h
  • Temperature control mode: heating scanning, constant temperature multi section, cooling scanning (full automatic program control)
  • DSC range: 0~±800mW
  • DSC resolution: 0.01uW
  • DSC accuracy: 0.001mW
  • Working power supply: AC220 V / 50 Hz or customized
  • Atmosphere control gas: nitrogen, oxygen (instrument automatic switch)
  • Gas flow: 0-300ml / min
  • Gas pressure: 0.3MPa
  • Display mode: 24 bit color, 7 inch LCD touch screen display
  • Data interface: standard USB interface
  • Parameter standard: With reference materials (indium, tin, lead), users can adjust the temperature by themselves
  • The instrument has several groups of thermocouples, a group of test sample temperature, a group of internal environment temperature of the instrument.

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