Diode Array Detector Instrument HPLC

Features :

  • The diode array detector is a highly efficient, powerful and versatile detector for high performance liquid chromatography systems.
  • With imported core components, integrated optical structure design, stable and reliable performance, it can achieve simultaneous detection of all wavelengths in the range of 190nm-800nm, with 1024 times more information than the UV detector.
  • On top of the chromatographic functions, it provides spectrograms and matching calculations, maximum value graphs, 3D views, contour line graphs, peak purity calculations and spectral library management.

Specifications :

Diode Array Detector Instrument HPLC
Noise 1.5×10-5Au
Drift ≤1×10-3Au/h
LOD 5.0×10-9g/mL (naphthalene/methanol)
Wavelength range 190-800nm
Wavelength accuracy ≤±1 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ≤±0.1 nm
Linearity ≥1.0×104
Extend functions Wavelength bunching etc

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