Distillation Apparatus GD-6536C

Features :

1. The electrics parts are controlled by controlling case.
2. The controlling case is made of cold rolled steel. It has an observation window and a built-in furnace. The electric part is at the lower section of the controlling case.
3. The furnace part is composed of SiC furnace base, heater of 1000W/220V, and SiC plate. The position of furnace can be adjusted by rotating the up and down knob on the controlling case, so that you can adjust the relative position of distillation flask and the opening of condensation tube. The heating power can be adjusted by rotating the voltage adjusting knob.
4. The refrigeration bath is made of stainless steel. It contains heating device, refrigeration device, temperature measuring device and stirring device. The stirring device is driven by a motor.
5. The dimension of condensation tube complies with GB/T6536.

Specifications :

  • GD-6536C
  • GOLD
  • GD-6536C
Power supply AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz
Heating power 1000 W
Receiving cylinder 100 ml. Scale division 1 ml.
Distillation flask 125 ml, as per GB/T6536 and ASTM D86.
Thermometer Total immersion. They are from -2 to 300 ℃ and from -2 to 400 ℃. The scale divisions of them are 1 ℃.
Flask support board SiC. Diameters of holes are φ32mm, 38mm, and 50mm.
Temperature controller (1) Range: 0 ℃ to 60 ℃
(2) Accuracy: ±0.5℃
(3) Display: LED
Ambient temperature ≤30℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Refrigerated compressor New-type refrigeration compressor
Maximum power consumption 2500 W

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