Electronic Cardboard Puncture Strength Tester DRK104

Features :

◆1 Full computer control technology, open structure, high automation program, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable;
◆2 Fully automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function, the operating system displays the measurement results in real time;
◆3 Automatic measurement, statistics, and print test results, and have data storage function;
◆4 Chinese graphic menu display operation interface, easy to use;
◆5 Thermal high-speed micro printer, high-speed printing, low noise, no ink and ribbon, easy to use, low failure rate;
◆6 Modern design concept of electromechanical integration, compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance;

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Measuring range (J) 0-48 is divided into four gears.
Indication accuracy: (only guaranteed within the range of 20%-80% of the upper limit of each file measurement) Gear Range (J) Indication error (J)
A 0-6J ±0.05J
B 0-12J ±0.10J
C 0-24J ±0.20J
D 0-48J ±0.50J
Friction sleeve resistance (J) ˂0.25
Pyramid characteristic size Three bases are 60mm×60mm×60mm long, high (25±0.7)mm, edge radius R(1.5±0.1)mm
Instrument size (length * width * height) mm 800ⅹ470ⅹ840
Net Weight 145kg
Working Environment Temperature 5~35℃, relative humidity no more than 85%
Number of swings >120 times/min

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