Electronic Tear Tester DRK108

Features :

1. Modern design concept of mechatronics, compact structure, beautiful appearance;
2. Adopt modular integrated thermal printer, fast printing speed, easy to change paper;
3. Chinese-English bilingual operation menu (Chinese-English), which can be switched at any time;
4. Multi-function and flexible configuration: The instrument is mainly used for paper and cardboard measurement. Changing the configuration of the instrument can be widely applied to the measurement of other materials;
5. Obtain the measurement results directly: After completing a set of tests, it is convenient to directly display the measurement results and print the statistical report, including the average value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation;
6. Adopt 24-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution can reach 1/10,000,000) and high-precision weighing device to ensure the rapidity and accuracy of instrument force data collection; high measurement accuracy;

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Standard pendulum measurement range (10~13000)mN graduation value 10mN
Indication error ±1% within the range of 20%~80% of the upper limit of measurement, ±0.5% FS outside the range.
Repeatability error Within the range of 20%~80% of the upper limit of measurement <1%, outside the range <0.5%FS
Tear arm (104±1)mm.
Initial angle of tear 27.5°±0.5°
Tear distance (43±0.5)mm
Paper clip surface size (25×15) mm
Distance between paper clamps (2.8±0.3)mm
Sample size (63±0.5)mm×(50±2)mm
Working conditions Temperature 20±10℃ Relative humidity ≤80%
Dimensions 460×400×400mm
power supply AC220V±5% 50Hz
quality 30kg

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