Electronic Tensile Testing Machine DRK101DG (pc)

Features :

A testing machine integrates multiple independent testing functions such as tensile, deformation, peeling, tearing, etc., provides users with multiple test items to choose from, provides data analysis such as constant elongation stress, elastic modulus, stress and strain.
The appearance adopts surface cooling.
The electrostatic spray pattern of the board is simple and generous, with internal tension and compression multi-function, economical and practical, with stroke limit and overload shutdown function.
The floor-standing door-type tensile machine has a beautiful and exquisite structure, economical and practical, and a variety of specifications of force sensors and test speed options, which provide users with convenient computer control for testing under different test conditions, and facilitate users to quickly perform test operations.
Multi-level limit protection and overload Intelligent configuration such as protection, automatic high-speed return, and fault prompt to ensure the safety of the user’s operation.
The professional control software provides group test curve superposition analysis and statistical analysis of maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, etc., and according to the user’s Automatic unit conversion for different needs.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Maximum Load 100N, 200N, 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 5KN, 10KN, 20KN, (optional within one)
Accuracy Class Better than 0.5 level
Effective Force Measurement Range 0.2%~100% (level 1)/0.4%~100% (level 0.5)
Force Measurement Accuracy Within ±1% of the indicated value/Within ±0.5% of the indicated value
Test Machine Resolution The maximum load is 1/200000, the inside and outside are not divided into files, and the resolution is unchanged throughout the process
Effective Test Width 40, 50mm (can be widened according to customer requirements)
Effective Stretching Space 400, 500, 600mm (can be increased according to customer requirements)
Test Speed Range 1~500mm/min
Displacement Measurement Accuracy Within ±0.5% of the indicated value/Within ±0.2% of the indicated value
Deformation Measurement Accuracy Within ±0.5% of the indicated value
Test Bench Safety Device Electronic limit protection
Test Bench Return Function Manual or automatic two options, automatic or manual return to the initial position of the test at the highest speed after the test is over
Overload Protection More than 10% of the maximum load, the machine automatically protects
Fixture Configuration A set of stretching fixture
Host Size 700*530*1900 mm
Power System Taiwan AC servo motor + drive + high precision ball screw
Power Supply 220V, 50HZ
Power 0.75KW (standard with different power motors according to different power requirements)
Host Weight (Approximately) 500 Kg

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