GBPI Testing Instruments

Ethylene Oxide Gas Chromatography 9802-K

Features :

Economical and practical, excellent performance and quality.
Adjustable gas circuitpressure, stable flow, with multiple gas circuit system of nitrogen, hydrogen, air, exhaust, shunt,cleaning.
LCD screen displays temperature in real time.
Cellular overall structure design, convenient to install and maintenance.
Advanced noise resistant system, work quietly.
Over-temperature protection function, with program protection and circuit protection double insurance.
With data workstation, professional software support and powerful data analysis function.
Display working condition and chromatogram curves; curves can be zoomed and moved.
Professional test report, can export PD Ffile.
Manual button switch, its function is equal to“start collecting”, which is convenient for sampling.
Easy to operate detector and baseline calibration.

Specifications :

Item Technical Specification
Detector hydrogen flamedetector( FID)(optional forothers)
Headspace 20Bits
Column oven size 240×210×240mm
Temperature range 4°C〜450°C(Optionalin1°C increments)
Temperature controlling accuracy 0.1%
Temperature gradient 1°C
Air generator(optional) Oil-free air generator with degreasing and water purification equipment, 3L/min
Hydrogen generator (optional) Gas production 300ml/min, purity 99.999%
Nitrogen cylinder and pressure reducing valve Contains 99.999% high-purity nitrogen and pressure reducing valves(preferably purchased locally)
Standard material Ethylene oxide standard
Workstation Dual-channel, anti-control workstation
Capillary injection system Split/splitless, with diaphragm cleaning function

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GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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