FLD Detector HPLC

Features :

  • The fluorescence detector uses a DC deuterium lamp as the light source and has a dual monochromator structure, allowing flexible settings for excitation and emission wavelengths to meet your needs for different samples.
  • It is equipped with a touch screen LCD display and a chromatography workstation with two analogue outputs and can also be used for data transfer via RS232 serial or Ethernet.
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Specifications :

FLD Detector HPLC
Noise 1×10-5 Fu
Drift ≤2×10-4Fu/30min
LOD 5.0×10-10g/mL (naphthalene/methanol)
Wavelength range 200-650nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ±0.2 nm
Linearity ≥1.0×104
Extend functions Wavelength bunching etc

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