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Fluorescence Tracer TQ-F

Features :

  • Simple, mobile discharge measurement.
  • Continuous insertion of tracer material possible.
  • Application in dirt water and sewage canals possible.
  • Environmentally friendly, harmless for water.
  • Discharge values immediately available.
  • Easy transmission of measurement data form the sensor to receiving device via Bluetooth.
  • Convenient receiving of data on laptop.
  • Real-time visualisation of measurement data.
  • User-friendly guidance through the measurement by the included software TQ-Commander.
  • Simultaneous measurement with up to four probes.
  • Tracer material: optical fluorescence (fluorescein or similar).
  • Probe type: fluorescence probe.
  • Compact and convenient: complete equipment securely packed in two cases.

Specifications :

  • Measuring principle tracer dilution method with instantaneous feed.
  • Application all discharge volumes.
TQ-Amp (measurement device with Bluetooth-transmission)
  • Memory capacity none (data storage in the receiving device).
  • Transmission interval 1 second.
  • Data transfer Bluetooth class 1 (transmission range up to 100m).
  • Operating temperature -20 … +60 °C.
  • Protection IP66.
  • Energy supply 3x 1.5 V batteries, size AA or 3x 1.5 V / 2500 mAh NiMH batteries, size AA.
  • Operation time 25 hrs (with 3x 2500 mAh batteries).
  • Recharging time approx. 10 hrs.
  • Probe type optical fluorescence probe.
  • Measurement range Fluorescein/Rhodamine: 0 … 50 μg/l (ppb).
  • Resolution 0.05 μg/l (ppb).
  • Operating temperature 0 … +50 °C.
  • (Further types of probes for different tracer substances available upon request).
Accessories included
  • Pipette 500 μl.
  • Jars bottle for calibration solution, measuring cup stainless steel 750 ml, measuring cup 500 ml, volumetric flask 500 ml.
  • Others USB memory stick (software and documentation), USB Bluetooth adapter, recharger, protection- and weighting armour.
  • TQ-Commander (software) PC-Version Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 up to 10.

Catalog : PDF


Sommer Messtechnik

Sommer Messtechnik


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