Flute Meter DRK113E

Features :

1. High-precision temperature controller accurately adjusts temperature, PID control mode with automatic temperature compensation mode.
2. Fast response speed and high steady-state accuracy.
3. Digital display of actual temperature and set temperature, with over-temperature protection device, set parameters can be automatically memorized after power failure, with parameter self-tuning function.
4. Finished copper corrugated gear, with large heat capacity, good heat transfer and wear resistance. The standard button is sensitive and durable, and the corrugated paper is automatically corrugated.

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Specifications :

Index Parameter
Working Speed 4.5r/min
Temperature Display Resolution 1°C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.5 level
Adjustable Working Temperature Range Room temperature~200 °C
Adjustable Range of Working Pressure (49~108) N
Standard Working Temperature 175°C
Spring Tension 100N
Dimensions (length X width X height) About 564mm×377mm×330mm
Power Supply AC220V±5%, 50Hz

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