Food Multifunctional Detector DRK-830

Features :

  • There are 2 aluminum alloy boxes, 1 main box and 1 accessory box in the standard configuration of the equipment.
  • The instrument provides a complete accessory configuration and uses a beautiful and durable aluminum alloy packaging box.
  • The instrument provides software CD, vehicle power interface, balance, various specifications of micropipettes, cuvettes, flasks, timers, washing bottles, beakers and other supporting accessories required for testing, which is convenient for users in fixed or mobile laboratories Operation.

Specifications :

Measuring range
Pesticide residues  inhibition rate 0~100%
Nitrite (Nitrate) 0.00~500.0 mg/kg
Heavy metal lead 0-40.0mg/kg, (  Minimum detection limit:0.2mg/L)
Linearity error  0.999(National Standard Method),0.995(Fast Method)
Number of channels  6 channelssimultaneous detection
Measurement Accuracy  ≤±2%
Measurement repeatability  < 1%
Zero drift  0.5%
Working temperature  5~40 ℃
Dimensions and weight 360×240×110(mm),Weighs about 4kg

Catalog : PDF


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