Fuel Oil Water and Sediment Tester ASTM D 2709 GD-H1150

Features :

1. Adopt high-torque carbon brush-less frequency conversion motor, easy to operate; maintenance-free, no dust, fast lifting speed.
2. Servo automatic door lock.
3. The unique spring cone sleeve is used to connect the rotor and the main shaft, and the loading and unloading of the rotor is quick and simple, and there is no directionality.
4. It adopts microcomputer processor for precise control and key programming. Digital display, switch to display RCF value.
5. Over speed, unbalance protection, the fuselage adopts high-quality steel structure. Safe, reliable, and easy to use.
6. Three-stage vibration reduction, centrifugal effect to achieve the best.

Specifications :

  • GD-H1150
  • Gold

Applicable standard: GB/T8926 ASTM D 2709
Maximum speed: 5000 r/min
Maximum capacity: 4*100 ml
Maximum centrifugal force: 4730 g
Temperature control type: room temperature
Operating noise: ≤ 58 dBA
Product net weight: 52 KG
Product size: 620*450*355

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