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Full-automatic Total Migration Tester ZF1800

Features :

Features of independent hot and cold cavity system

Cold and hot dual cavity independent, one cavity warms up and one cavity cools down, saving cold and heat exchange time.
Unique design with automatic temperature control and dehumidification.
Temperature and humidity can be controlled during weighing. Ensure the consistency of the ambient temperature and humidity during each weighing.
Temperature control range: water bath temperature control range: room temperature to 100 °C; heating box temperature control range: room temperature to 117.9 °C; cooling box temperature control range: normal temperature; cavity temperature uniformity: ± 5 °C.

Features of the water bath built-in system

Built-in water bath evaporation system, automatic water bath pot automatic water level detection, automatic water bath temperature control, automatic evaporation and automatic drainage.
Over-temperature automatic alarm system and water-dry automatic alarm system, multiple safety design, comprehensive protection of water temperature, water bath water, solvent, and exhaust gas to obtain safe treatment.

Solvent recovery system

The solvent evaporates in a completely closed system, and the tail gas is automatically recovered without leakage.
Equipped with a solvent recovery system and a fully enclosed cavity design, which effectively prevents the leakage of solvents and protects the health of the operator.

Nitrogen protection

Carrier gas is provided in the system to support rapid evaporation test.

Test chamber negative pressure protection

Test chamber inlet and outlet are completely sealed.
Test chamber is evacuated at any time to ensure negative pressure.

Full automatic test

Water bath, drying, constant weight, evaporation integrated system design, built-in operating system, the system is equipped with ARM control system to control the host through the touch screen (inspection equipment and control software are combined into one).
Unattended automatic constant weight, reserved empty cup constant weight, effectively shorten test time and improve test efficiency.
Fully automatic test, the test process can be set flexibly, one-click operation, automatic feeding, automatic evaporation constant weight, automatic judgment, automatic shutdown.
Eighteen test stations are independently evaporated, and different samples can be tested simultaneously with independent data.

Software system

The software is designed according to the requirements of the computerized system of the new GMP appendix.
Require username and password to log in to the workstation.
Users are divided into various levels such as operator and administrator (such as administrator, operator, observer, etc. but not limited to these levels).
Administrators can adjust permissions at various levels; for example, increase and decrease system control items at a certain level.
With audit trail function (system audit trail, project operation audit trail, method audit trail), every data change is recorded; the safety and integrity of test data is guaranteed.
Real-time display of test weight, migration, temperature and other data for each cavity.
Test report page — Show detailed test data. Reports can export files in Office, PDF, etc.

Multiple security considerations

Water heating is not electric heating; the heating system is located outside the test chamber, and there is no high-voltage electric fire in the evaporation chamber, and safety is guaranteed.
Over temperature alarm, evaporation completion alarm, etc. Multiple alarm settings, good safety performance.

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Test range 0.2mg/dm2-167000mg/dm2
Resolution 0.0001 g/dm2
Scale Technical Parameters Measurement range:0~200g;resolution : 0.1mg
Temperature control range of water bath Room temperature~100°C
Temperature control range of heating box Room temperature~117.9°C
Temperature control range of cooling box 10-35°
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5°C
Quantity of samples 1-18 pcs(with independent data)
Evaporation dish volume 0-200mL
Dimensions L×W×H:178cm×93cm×145cm
Size of recycling system L×W×H:120cm×88cm×170cm
Power supply 220V,50Hz
Power 5000W

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GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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