Gas Analyzer Monitoring System CEMS1250

Features :

1. High reliability

1.1 The use of a xenon light source with a service life of 10 years.
1.2 Gas analyzer adopts grating spectroscopy and array sensing, no moving parts, high reliability.

2. Easy maintenance, low maintenance cost

2.1 Simple system wiring, easy installation and maintenance.

2.2 The light source, gas chamber and spectrometer are connected by optical fibre, which makes the maintenance and      replacement of each part simple and low cost.

3. High measurement accuracy
SO2, NO gas analysis using differential absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) technology, effectively solve the impact of water and other factors on the measurement accuracy.

Specifications :

Product Name Gas Analyzer Monitoring System CEMS1250
Product Size 930*730*2010mm
Weight 177KGS
Measure Method UV Differential Method
Nitrogen Oxide Measurement Heat Resistance Moisture Meter
Contaminant Range SO2 concentration 0-45/100 mg/m3

NOX concentration 0-45/100 mg/m3
O2 content 0-25%
Pre-processing Condensing Method
Humidity meter measurements Heat Resistance Moisture Meter
Oxygen content Electrochemical

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