Gas Chromatograph DRK-GC-1690

Features :

*1, Over-temperature protection: when the actual temperature of each hot zone exceeds the set maximum value, the over-temperature protection device works, automatically cuts off the power supply of each heating zone of the instrument, and alarms to avoid accidents.

*2. Over-current protection: when the TCD detector is working, such as when the current setting is too large or the TCD resistance value suddenly increases, the over-current protection device works, automatically cuts off the TCD bridge current, and simultaneously alarms and displays OVER TCD to protect the tungsten wire from Burned (If the user starts the TCD without carrier gas due to operating errors, the device can also automatically cut off the power to protect the tungsten wire). An amplifier circuit can also be added to increase sensitivity.

*3. Crash protection: When the instrument is working, when the thermal elements of each heating area are short-circuited, broken, the heating wire is to the ground, and the computer operating system crashes, etc., the instrument can automatically cut off the power and alarm to avoid the occurrence of continuous work. accident. The above three-point protection function can make your analysis work more safe and secure.

Specifications :

Column thermostat

Temperature control range

Room temperature+7℃~420℃

Temperature control accuracy

Better than ±0.1℃

Internal volume


Program order

5th order

Heating rate

0.1~39.9℃/min arbitrary setting

Heating time

0~665min (increment 1min)



Sensitivity or sensitivity



Linear range

Hydrogen flame (FID)





Thermal conductivity (TCD)

S≥2000mV . m1/mg




Flame (FPD)



≤4 ×10-11 (A/30min)


P ≥103

S ≥102

Nitrogen (NPD)



≤2 ×10-12 (A/30min)

≤4 ×10-13A


Electronic capture (ECD)





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