Gas Chromatography Analyzer GC6000

Features :

  • Self-developed, with software copyright.
  • Workstation interface is simple, intuitive, convenient operation process, with a comprehensive audit trail and rights management functions.
  • Graphical full counter-control interface, providing suitable real-time analysis of the parameters and analysis results, online modification and acquisition of the working parameters of the components, automatic and rapid data acquisition and post-processing, with instrument-related data and operating conditions traceability function, convenient troubleshooting.
  • Realize the effective integration and control of system components, provide chromatographic detectors, autosampler and other upgrade components for the company’s products can be seamlessly added.

Specifications :

Gas Chromatography Analyzer GC6000
Laboratory Environment
Supply Voltage 220V±10%
Temperature 18-28℃
Humidity 40-70%
Whole Machine Parameters
Qualitative Repeatability ≤0.1%
Quantitative Repeatability ≤1.5%
Baseline Noise 0.01pA
Baseline Drift 0.1pA/30min
Inlet Port
Maximum Operating Temperature 400℃
Flow Control Mode EFC
Control Accuracy 0.001psi
Maximum Shunt Ratio 999:1
Optional Carrier Gas Types N2, H2, He, Ar
Linearity 0.999
Cross-contamination 0.01%
Number of Injection Bits 16 bits
Number of Reagent Bits 3 bits
Column Oven
Above Room Temperature +4℃- 450℃
Programmed Temperature Rise Rate 40℃/min
Program temperature rise repeatability <0.5%
Minimum Adjustment Amount ≦0.01℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.05℃
Maximum run time 999.9min
Detector (hydrogen flame (FID) detector)
Maximum operating temperature 450 ℃
Minimum detection limit 2.5pg / s
Linear range ≥ 106

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