Gas Chromatography Instrument GC6030

Features :

1. High automation and high efficiency

Whole machine is computer controlled.
Rich self-diagnosis and alarm functions.
Multi-step program temperature rises to meet the various needs of users. The door opening mechanism after the oven is controlled by a computer can realize rapid automatic program heating and rapid automatic cooling.
2. Easy to operate

Very low noise, FID noise is better than the international leading level;
High sensitivity detector, low baseline drift;
Good reproducibility of peak area and retention time;
With high temperature control accuracy and good stability, the column thermostat provides a constant temperature environment for the effective separation and detection of various components.

Specifications :

Gas Chromatography Instrument GC6030
Color White+Blue
Sample Positions 16
Stationary Phase Solid Adsorbent
Mobile Phase Gas
Detector ECD Detector
Sampler Six-way valve
Circuit System 3
Qualitative Repeatability ≤0.05%
Detection Limit 14×10 -15g/ml
Linear Range ≥10 4
Baseline Noise ≤0.05mV
Drift ≤0.05mV

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