Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry BK3CHR14-450G

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Features :



Electronic pressure/flow control system (EPC/EFC) for self-developed system.

Patented EI filament set provides highly efficient electron emission, a maximum of 350μA.

Quality mass analyzer with pre-filter reduces quadrupole pollution.

High-energy dynode electron multiplier ensures good sensitivity.

Vacuum system with quality mechanical and turbo molecular pumps guarantees stability and reliability.

Full scale gauges monitor vacuum states in real time.

Self protection system guarantees safety of operators and core parts under abnormal conditions.

RF power supply digital compensation technology ensures better sensitivity and resolution in full mass range.


The software controls auto sampler, gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer, data are acquired and transferred by high-speed network card.

Full Scan and selective Ion Monitoring modes are available, the system supports manual and automatic tuning, display of total ion current and mass chromatogram.

The data processing section searches target compounds based on mass spectra of samples, displays search results which include retention times, structural formula and standard mass spectra, and compares the abundances of standard and real target ions. Users can make accurate qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Superior quality: It uses high-end core parts, which ensures high quality.

Meeting high demands: It provides necessity parts and meets multiple requirements from clients in different fields.

User-friendly design: It facilitates easy operation and convenient maintenance.

High-efficiency ionization source: Modularization design, employing ion source, having high ionization efficiency, and enhancing sensitivity.

Software: Convenient operation, data acquisition and processing.

Highly cost-effective: Offering more benefits while meeting all application demands.

Consumables with favourable price: Most consumables and parts are self-developed, which save a lot of maintenance cost, while providing high performance.

Specifications :

GC Specification:
      Inlet Split / Splitless
      Inlet Temperature Highest temperature 450°C
      Electronic Pressure Control(EPC)Range 0-50 Psi, accuracy 0.1 Psi, support constant
      Maximum Diffluent Ratio 500:1
      Working Temperature in column oven +10°C – 450°C
      Maximum Heating Rate 40°C /min
      Platform Warming 8 stages 9 platforms program warming
      Sample size 0.1 10 uL
      Peak Area Repeatability < 1 % RSD
      Retention Time < 0.5% RSD
      Sweeping Gas Volume 2-10 ml/min
MS Specification:
      Ionization Energy (Electron Impact ) 10 eV -100eV (normally 70eV)
      Mass Range 1.5-1000 amu
      Resolution 0.7 amu (half peak width)
      Ion Source Temperature 100 – 350°C
      Maximum Service Temperature at Interface 400°C
      Mass Axis Stability +/- 0.10 amu/48 hrs
      Sensitivity Full scan, 1pg OFN at m/z 272 with S/N ≥30: 1 (RMS)
      Scanning Rate Max. 10000 amu/s
      Accuracy 0.1 amu
      Vacuum System High-performance mechanical backing pump (geometric pumping speed is 5m3/h) and turbo molecular pump (geometric pumping speed is 67 l/s) provide sufficient vacuum for mass spectrometry system (≤ 8×10-5 mbar), and a vacuum gauge with wide measuring range displays real time vacuum information
      Detector High energy dynode electron multiplier
      Scanning methods SIM, FULL SCAN, MIX
      Pressure 220 V(+/-5%), 50 Hz(±1)
      Ambient Temperature 18°C~30°C
      Relative Humidity < 70%

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Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry BK3CHR14-450G

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