Gas Emission Monitoring System CEMS1250

Features :

  • Gas analyzer with xenon lamp light source with a life expectancy of 10 years.
  • Gas analyzer adopts grating spectroscopy and array sensing, no moving parts, high reliability.
  • Simple system wiring and easy installation and maintenance.
  • The optical fiber connection between the light source, gas chamber and spectrometer makes the components easy and inexpensive to maintain and replace.

Specifications :

Gas Emission Monitoring System CEMS1250

Product Size 930*730*2010mm
Weight 177KGS
Measure Method UV Differential Method,electrochrmical, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, pitot tube
Nitrogen Oxide Measurement Heat Resistance Moisture Meter
Contaminant Range SO2 concentration 0-45/100 mg/m3
NOX concentration 0-45/100 mg/m3
O2 content 0-25%
Pr-processing Condensing Method

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