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Features :

High-performance ventilator for general purpose.
15 inches touch screen and intuitive and user-friendly UI.
Maximizing care efficiency by adopting the leak compensation with trigger-synchronize function.
Simple upgrade of care modes without product replacement based on software-type product control.
Caring patients with weak lung mechanic and children by offering the high frequency mode.
Providing doctors with convenience and reducing infection possibility in suction by adopting the closed suction function.
Remote monitoring of patients by linking with the central monitoring system.
Convenient product maintenance through the smart viewer.

Specifications :

Display : 15 inches touch screen
Basic mode : V-ACV, V-SIMV, P-ACV, P-SIMV, Spont(CPAP), Apnea back-up ventilation, O2 stream®(High Flow), PRVC-SIMV, tBi-level, AwPRV, AutoVent, TCPL-AC, TCPL-SIMV, CPR
Tidal Volume : 2 – 2,500 mL
Ins. Pressure : 0 – 99 cmH2O
Pressure Support : 0 – 99 cmH2O, above PEEP Max. 99 cmH2O
Respiratory Rate : 0 – 150 BPM
PEEP / CPAP : 0 – 60 cmH2O
FiO2 : 21 – 100 %
Language Support :
English, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Russian
Options : Cart, Support Arm, Compressor, SpO2, EtCO2, Paux (Esophageal & Tracheal Pressure), Micro-Pump-type Nebulizer
Option mode: SHFV, DHFV

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