GESTAR Automatic Control Station

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Features :

A fully automated system, allowing key quality control parameters to
be determined in real time.

Obtain protein and moisture content, weight density, content of gluten, zeleny, impurities, etc. in a single
pass using a single sample, without human intervention.
Incorporate results into customer databases.
Amalgamate all of this information within a single delivery record, along with the quantity delivered.

The Gestar analyzes in a single pass and without additional human manipulation: moisture, impurities, protein, zeleny, starch, gluten, oil, specific weight, grain temperature.

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Specifications :


– All analysis logged.
– Production of control sample.

Security of results

No manual input thanks to computer-controlled transfer.

Measurement reliability

– Automatically homogenized sampling.
– Identical analysis across all samples.

Minimal operator intervention

– No handling of samples or devices.
– Evacuation of sample surplus.

All operations are done automatically, without human intervention. The analysis results are sent directly from the measuring devices to a computer, which limits the risk of error and falsification.

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GESTAR Automatic Control Station

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