Graphite Furnace Spectrophotometer Equipment AA2200

Features :

  1. Any combination of flame, graphite furnace and hydride atomizers.
  2. Comprehensive flame safety interlocks to protect your experiments.
  3. Advanced graphite furnace temperature control: Highly sensitive photosensitive elements and digital temperature control with high temperature control accuracy.
  4. 6-lamp simultaneous preheating technology, which ensures the stability of the lamp for the next measurement element and reduces waiting times.
  5. Automatic lamp position recognition, intelligent lamp position fast scanning, fast and accurate scanning of wavelengths.
  6. Up to 50+5 sample positions with a minimum injection volume of 1 µl, with home position detection, automatic cleaning, self-diagnostics, random programming and other operational functions.

Specifications :

Graphite Furnace Spectrophotometer Equipment AA2200

Wavelength range(nm) 185-910
Wavelength indication error(mm) ±0.15
Wavelength repeatability(nm) ≤0.05
Broadband deviation(nm) ±0.01
Resolution(%) ≤15
Instantaneous noise(Abs) ±0.0015
Zero drift(Abs/30min) ±0.001
Boundary energy:instantaneous noise(Abs) ≤0.01
Detection limit(Flame:Cu ug/mL)) ≤0.002
Apparent atomization rate(%) ≥12
Detection limit(Graphite Furnance: Cd pg) ≤0.2
Repeatability(Flame RSD%) ≤0.1
Repeatability(Graphite Furnance RSD%) ≤0.85
Linearity error(%) ≤2
Background correction capability ≥75

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