Handheld Precision Thermometer GT11

Features :

■Real-time time display, display and setting of MAX/MIN, AVG, REL, HOLD and other functions.
■Dual signal input, ℃/℉/K/unit can be switched freely.
■Support standard platinum resistance and industrial platinum resistance.
■Double current selection output, current commutation (stray potential <0.1uV).
■Data records up to 60,000 (including time).

Specifications :

Probe type: Pt385 (25Ω, 100Ω, 500Ω, 1000Ω); standard platinum resistance thermometer Pt392 (25Ω, 100Ω)
Temperature range: -200℃~850℃ (depending on the probe type)
Temperature accuracy: 0.02℃
Resistance accuracy: 0.002 level (20ppm)
Display resolution: 0.001°C/0.0001Ω/0.001°F/0.001°K
Output current: 500uA ±%2 /1mA ±%2
Number of channels: 2
Probe connection mode: DIN quick connection
Dimensions: 160mm*83mm*38mm
Weight: about 255g (including battery)
Certification: CE
Supporting standard device (precision platinum resistance)
Model: T100-350-385
Temperature range: -200℃~ 350℃
Specification size: diameter 6mm and length 320mm

Catalog : PDF


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