Haze Meter YH1210

Features :

1.Double standard ISO & ASTM

It can meet the test standard requirements of different users; meet the standards: ASTM D1003/1044,ISO 13468,ISO 14782,GB/T 2410,JJF 1303-2011,CIE 15.2,JIS K7105,JIS K7361,JIS K 7136.

2.Easy operation and faster and more accurate measurement

The YH1210 Haze Meter is equipped with large size touch screen, easy to operate, using PD array detector, to meet the CIE V(λ)2 degree visual response to achieve high precision and repeatable transmittance and haze measurement. USB data output device, can be connected with the laboratory system.

3.Dynamic measurement

Independent light source detector and temperature sensor to monitor the light source and environmental changes at all times to ensure reliable test data.

4.Compensation port to make the measurement data more accurate

Meet the standard of ASTM D1003 non-compensation method, ISO 13468 compensation method, it can do full light transmittance, haze test, and provide more accurate test results.

5.Convenient measurement and wide sample adaptation

Open measurement area for vertical and horizontal testing to accommodate more samples under test.

6.Quality management software

It provides powerful software for measuring and analyzing haze, color and light transmittance, which is suitable for quality monitoring and tabulating management of haze, light transmittance and color data in various industries. Data the management of users on the PC computer, compare the haze, transmittance and color differences, generate test report forms, facilitate customer customization and management.

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Specifications :

Product model YH1210 Haze Meter
Geometry Transmittance: 0/D (parallel illumination, diffuse receiving) in accordance with standards: ASTM D1003/1044,ISO 13468,ISO 14782,GB/T 2410,JJF 1303-2011,CIE 15.2,JIS K7105,JIS K7361,JIS K 7136
Characteristic The instrument can easily realize ASTM D1003 uncompensated method, ISO 13468 compensation method, Full transmittance, haze test. Open measurement area for vertical and horizontal testing. It is widely used in glass processing, plastic processing, film, display screen processing, packaging industry, liquid analysis and other aspects.
Integrating sphere size Φ 154 mm
Light source 400 ~ 700 nm combined LED light source
Spectrophotometric Mode /
Sensor PD array detector, satisfying CIE V(λ)2 degree visual response
Wavelength range /
Wavelength interval /
Half bandwidth /
Measurement Range 0-100%
Measuring aperture Φ20 mm/Φ15 mm/Φ8 mm/Φ4 mm (select single aperture)
Sample size Thickness less than 105 mm
Color space /
Chromatic formula /
Other chromaticity index Haze (ASTM D1003/1044, ISO 13468), Transmittance T (ISO), Transmittance T (ASTM),
Observer angle 2 °
Light source D65,A,C
Display Data Pass/fail result
Measurement time About 1.5s
Resolution 0.01 unit
Repeatability Φ20 mm aperture, less than 0.1 (after instrument preheating and correction, test the standard nebulizer with the nebulization of about 40 at an interval of 5s for 30 times of standard deviation)
Inter-instrument Error Φ20 mm aperture, less than 0.4 (after instrument preheating and correction, test the standard deviation between the standard nebulizer of nebulization and the reference value at an interval of 5s)
Dimensions Length X Width X Height = 487X260X298mm
Weight Approx. 8.0 kg
Power supply  24V 3A , DCpower adapter
Illuminant Life Span > 3 million measurements in 5 years
Display TFT True Color 7 inch, Capacitive Touchscreen
Interface USB, Print Serial
Data Storage 1,000 samples, 20,000 samples
Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 ° C (32 to 104 ° F)
Storage Temperature – 20 – 50 ° C (-4 – 122 ° F)
Standard Accessories Power adapter, user manual, quality management software (download), USB cable, 0% calibration box, measuring aperture
Optional Accessories Micro printer, Test Fixture, Standard haze sheet, Footswitch
Notes: Subject to change without notice

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