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Heat Seal Tester GBB-F1

Features :

· Five points heat seal, can set six different temperature at the same time(low bar and five upper bars).
· Upper and lower heat seal bars have independent temperature control and setting.
· The equipment adopts digital P.I.D. temperature to control, the temperature is more accurate. Temperature sensor is easy to calibrate.
· Using compressed air, pneumatic drive. Pressure test, convenient to set pressure according to sample from customer.
· Automatic and manual modes; use foot switch for manual mode.
· Can upgrade heat seal bar with anti-sticking function. Can customize size, shape and smoothness of heat seal bar.
· Touch screen shows the current temperature, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time of the upper and lower bar.

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Temperature range Room temperature 300°C
Temperature precision ±2°C
Seal time range 0.01s~99.99h
Pressure range 0.05~0.8Mpa
Heat seal area Upper bar 35×10 mm×5 sections; lower bar has silicone pad as buffer;(Can
customize all kinds of specifications)
Heat seal method wo ways: automatic or manual, external air cylinder
Instrument size 700(L)×400(B)×540(H)mm

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GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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