Heating Plate with Ceramic Glass Surface DRK-FX-306A

Features :

  • Ceramic glass surface, high temperature resistance and stainless. (The surface with Teflon coating is not resistant to high temperature; although stainless steel surface is resistant to high temperature, it is easy to rust).
  • Good abrasion resistances, long life, smooth surface and accessibility for cleaning.
  • A big heating area, to facilitate the bulk sample processing.
  • The detached design for control mode, personnel operating the controller are far from acid mist, safe and convenient.
  • Platinum resistance control temperature accurately and heat up rapidly and equably, and the temperature is up to 400℃.
  • Large LCD screan, display intuitively.
  • Heat caution display (heating surface temperature exceed 50℃, alarming lamp redden), more safety.

Specifications :

Heating surface materials  ceramic glass.
Heating surface dimension  500 mm × 400 mm.
Temperature range  room temperature–400 ℃.
Temperature stability  ± 1 ℃.
Temperature measurement accuracy  ± 0.2 ℃.
Control mode  detached PID intelligent controlling program.
Time setting range  1min ~ 24 hr.
Power supply  220v/50 Hz.
Load power  3000 W.

Catalog : PDF


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