Helium Pressure Leak Detector LC104

Features :

  • By filling compressed air of specified pressure into the measured object (product), this instrument detects whether there is leakage according to the change of its internal pressure.
  • Firstly, the leak detector fills the measured object with the regulated gas, and then stops the inflation to maintain pressure.
  • During the pressure maintaining process, it senses the pressure drop caused by leakage, that is, direct pressure leakage rate, through a high sensitivity pressure sensor.

Specifications :

Direct pressure sensor Display precision The value can be set to 0 to 4 decimal places
Recommended test pressure range Recommended test pressure range ZH500 Mechanical pressure regulating 10KPa~500KPa
ZH1000 Mechanical pressure regulating 50KPa~1200KPa
ZH2400 Mechanical pressure regulating 50KPa~2400KPa(optional)
Mechanical pressure regulating 10KPa~500KPa(optional)
Sensor error ±0.1%F.S.
Test pressure kPa, MPa, kg/cm2, psi, mbar, bar, Torr, mmH2O, mmHg
Leakage Pa,kPa,Pa/s,kPa/s,kPa/min,mL/s,mL/min,mL/h,L/min,L/h,SCCM
Parameter program number other 64 groups (1~64)
ZH600-X(multi-station) 64 groups (A/B/C/D each channel can set 16 groups of parameters program)
Test beat setting 0 ~ 999 seconds, test time 1800 seconds
Power supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz
Test pressure source Clean, dry, adequate flow, not less than 500KPa and 100KPa above the test pressure source
Overall dimensions 460mm×328mm×222mm
Weight 14kg

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