High Performance Liquid Chromatography Instrument LC3210

Features :

  • A mainstream split design.
  • Complete system detection.
  • Customized acetonitrile resistant check valves.
  • Electronic pulsation suppression technology and solvent compression compensation to further reduce pressure fluctuations and ensure higher repeatability of test results.
  • In-line clarity of plunger rod as standard.
  • French imported 1800L/MM grating.
  • Fully intelligent counter-controlled chromatography workstation.

Specifications :

Wayeal Hplc System for Vitamins Analysis High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Instrument Price

Infusion pumps

Gradient mode Quadratic low pressure pumps
Flow range 0-11.0000mL/min
Flow repeatability ≤ 0.08% RSD
Gradient stability < 0.5% RSD
Maximum working pressure 42MPa
In-line degassing 4


Injection volume 0.1-20.0uL
Sample volume 120 x 2mL sample vials
Injection linearity r > 0.9999

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