High Performance Liquid Chromatography LC3200

Features :

  1. Product Name: Liquid Chromatography Instrument.
  2. Data System: PC.
  3. Column Temperature: 4-85°C.
  4. Detection Method: UV/Vis.
  5. Manufacturer: Wayeal.
  6. Software: SmartLab Chromatography Software.
  7. HPLC Intrument, HPLC Machine, HPLC Intrument.

Specifications :

Parameter Specification
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Liquid Chromatography Instrument
HPLC System LC3200
Wavelength Range 190-800 Nm
Interface USB/Ethernet
Number of Samples 120 Positions
Flow Rate 0.001-10 ML/min
Manufacturer Wayeal
Detection Method UV/Vis
Column Temperature 4-85°C
Software SmartLab Chromatography Software

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