High Temperature Blast Dryer Oven 9148A

Features :

  • Standard large-screen LCD display, multiple sets of data on one screen, menu-style operation interface, It’s easy to understand and operate.
  • The fan speed control method is adopted and the wind speed can be adjusted freely according to different experiments.
  • The self-developed air duct circulation system automatically discharges the water vapor inside the cabinet, and there is no trouble of manual adjustment.
  • Adopt the controller with over-temperature deviation protection and microcomputer PID fuzzy processing to quickly reach the preset temperature and run stably.
  • With mirror stainless steel liner, semi-circular arc design at four corners.So easy to clean and the spacing of the partitions in the box is adjustable.
  • The sealing design of the new synthetic silicon sealing strip effectively prevents heat loss and can extend the length of each component on the basis of 30%.
  • PID control mode, small fluctuation of temperature control accuracy, with timing function, maximum time setting is 9999 minutes.

Specifications :

Item 9148A
Power Supply AC220V  50HZ
Temperature Range RT+20~400℃
Temperature fluctuation ±2℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Input Power 3100W
Liner Size
Nominal volume 140L
Carrying bracket (standard) 2pcs

Catalog : PDF


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