HPLC Chromatography Machine Instrumentation LC3000

Features :

  1. Full temperature range column oven with air bath and solvent preheating design provide constant temperature to ensure high repeatability result.
  2. Patented double-stage suspension drive technology and on-line plunger washing make the seal enduring.
  3. High precision syringe pump with micro-step drive brings excellent linear and quantitative repeatability.
  4. Needle-in-needle and air sweeping design achieve extremely low carryover.

Specifications :

Physical Specifications

Power requirements 220V,50HZ
Ambient temperature 4-40℃


Qualitative repeatability(Retention time) RSD≤0.3%
Quantitative repeatability(Area) RSD≤0.6%
Flow rate range 0.0001-10.000mL/min( increments :0.0001 mL/min)
Max operating Pressure 42MPa
Pressure pulsation <0.1MPa( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)

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