HPLC Liquid Chromatography Instrument LC3100

Features :

  • High pressure pump with electronic pulse suppression and solvent compression compensation, combined with a two-stage suspended power transmission mechanism to ensure high precision flow output and long service life.
  • Two optional gradient modes: binary high pressure and quaternary low pressure.
  • The column oven adopts air bath circulation mode to ensure constant temperature.

Specifications :


Qualitative repeatability(Retention time) RSD≤0.3%
Quantitative repeatability(Area) RSD≤0.6%


Flow rate range 0.0001-10.000mL/min
Max operating Pressure 42MPa
Pressure pulsation <0.1MPa
Flow accuracy ±0.2%
Flow precision RSD≤0.06%
Gradient accuracy ±1%

Column Oven

Temperature setting range 5 °C ~ 85 °C
Temperature stability ≤0.2°C/h
Temperature controlling precision ±0.1 °C

Auto sampler

Injection Volume Precision <0.25%RSD
Linearity >0.999
Cross Contamination(Carry Over) <0.01%
Sample Capacity 120 samples( 1.5ml vials)
Syringe 250 μL
Sample Loop 20μL
DAD Detector
Noise 1.5×10-5Au
Drift ≤1×10-3Au/h
LOD 5.0×10-9g/mL(naphthalene/methanol)
Wavelength range 190-800nm
Wavelength accuracy ≤±1 nm

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