HPLC Liquid Chromatography Instrument LC3206

Features :

  1. Modular system designing.
  2. Dual separated pump heads with specially designed integrated check valve.
  3. Dynamic compression compensation technology ensure the flow accuracy and stability.
  4. Active seal washing.
  5. UV detector has wavelength scanning and dual wavelength detection functions.
  6. The high-pressure pump adopts two-stage suspension transmission technology, combined with the suspension plug rod design of imported pump head, so as to prolong the service life of sealing ring and reduce the user’s cost.
  7. The proportional valve precisely controlled by the FPGA programmable logic ensure the accuracy of gradient proportion.

Specifications :


Flow rate range 0.0001-10.000mL/min( increments :0.0001 mL/min)
Max operating Pressure 42MPa
Pressure pulsation <0.1MPa( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Flow accuracy ±0.2%( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Flow precision RSD≤0.06%( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Gradient accuracy ±1%

Column Oven

Temperature setting range 5 °C ~ 85 °C
Temperature stability ≤0.2°C/h
Temperature controlling precision ±0.1 °C

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