Industrial Helium Leak Detector SFJ-231

Features :

  1. The Helium Leak Detector is a professional vacuum leak detector designed to detect and locate vacuum leaks quickly and accurately.
  2. It utilizes helium mass spectrometer to detect vacuum leaks and provide fast and reliable results.
  3. The device features a standard MES interface and a DN25KF leak detection port for easy and efficient use.
  4. The leak rate can be displayed in numbers, bar charts, and graphs to provide a comprehensive overview of the leak rate.
  5. It has an incredibly fast response time of less than one second, making it a great addition to any laboratory or production facility.
  6. The Helium Leak Detector is perfect for a wide variety of applications, such as vacuum leak detection, vacuum measurement, and helium leak detection.
  7. It is a reliable and user-friendly device that can be used in both industrial and laboratory settings.
  8. It is an invaluable tool for vacuum leak detection and can save both time and money.
  9. Its fast response time and efficient design make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable vacuum leak detector.

Specifications :

Property Description
Mini Leak Detection Rate(Pa.m3/s)/Vaccum Mode 5*10-13 Pa.m3/s
Communication Interface RS232/485, USB*2
Detection Method Helium Leak Detection
I/O Input output interface 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs
Leak rate display Numbers, Bar Charts, Graphs
Language Chines/English
MES Interface Standard
Mini Leak Detection Rate(Pa.m3/s)/Sniffer Mode 5*10-9 Pa.m3/s
Product Name Helium Leak Detector
Dimension 645*678*965

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