GBPI Testing Instruments

Ink Rub Tester Gx-C1

Features :

· Testing parameters input by press key, and having the memory function of outage.
· Controlling and solving the problems of poor grade of print ink abrasion resistance, low rub resistance.
· It is compatible with PS version of
· Microcomputer control, LCD dynamic display. light-sensitive layer of abrasion resistance testing, analysis and
forecasting PS version of the anti-print forces.

Specifications :

Items Technical Parameters
Rub pressure 20 ± 0. 2N
Rub speed 43 times/minute
Rub times 0~999 times
Rub area 155×50mm
Sample size 230×50mm, can join short samples together
Instrument size 26×29×30cm

Catalog : PDF


GBPI Testing Instruments

GBPI Testing Instruments


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