Ion Chromatography IC6220

Features :

  1. Integrated design, LCD full touch GUI controller.
  2. Higher degree of automation: with “one key flushing” and “one key maintenance” function.
  3. KOH fluent generator: only need mouse and pure water to continuously produce eluent, avoiding the error caused by human preparation solution, providing more accurate analysis results.
  4. Nitrogen pressurization device: to avoid the introduction of CO2 into the system.
  5. Full system thermostat, temperature compensation function.
  6. Stable PEEK pump, resistant to corrosion and metal contamination, making your analysis more stable and longer column life.
  7. High precision conductivity detector, providing you with higher signal-to-noise ratio, stability.

Specifications :

Ion Chromatography Instrument
Number of Samples 120 (2*60,2mL)
Syringe Specifications Standard: 500uL; Optional: 250uL, 1000uL, 2500uL
Quantitative Loop Standard: 100uL; Optional: 20uL, 50uL, 200uL
Injection Valve Switching Time <60ms
Position Control Accuracy <0.2mm
Minimum Refrigeration Temperature of Sample 4 ℃

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