Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6210

Features :

  1. Integrated design, minimize the connection between components, reduce the dead volume of the system.
  2. 7.0″ LCD touch operation interface, real-time monitoring of instrument parameters of each component and mastering the operating status of the instrument.
  3. One button operation, the system can realize the system cleaning after the analysis is completed, reducing time cost and improving work efficiency.
  4. One key maintenance, the system can realize the automatic maintenance of the instrument, without manual operation, prolonging the instrument life.
  5. The pump head is made of PEEK, which is resistant to acid, alkali and reversed-phase organic solvents and avoids metal contamination.

Specifications :


Ion Chromatography Instrument
Max. Pressure 35Mpa
Flow rate range 0.0001-10ml/min
Flow rate accuracy RSD≤0.1%
Flow Repeatability RSD≤0.1%
Temperature range 5°C-85°C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.01°C
Temperature stability ±0.1°C
Current range 0-500mA
Suppression capacity 220uN/min

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